Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of Utopia Studios:

  1. Customer’s booking is confirmed only on the receipt of advance payment of the provided package and submitting the booking form.
  2. Bookings are not transferable.
  3. Requests for rescheduling of booking date made by the customer may be entertained if made at least one week before the scheduled date and the same shall be subject to availability of the desired date. Fees of Rs.3000/- will have to be paid for rescheduling of the booked slot.
  4. Private room in Silver, Gold & Platinum package is 400 mts away from the studio area. Clients can also use common changing area next to the studio area for quick changing. The common changing room has to be shared with other clients as well.
  5. If client wants an extra hour above the given time frame, extra charge of Rs.2000/- per hour is applicable for day and Rs.3000/- per hour for night.
  6. If the client enters the premises late or starts the shoot late the client has only the unexpired time remaining from the package timings.
  7. Start time for shoot on any day is 7 am.
  8. Silver Package time ends at Sunset or 6 pm whichever is earlier. Gold package time ends at 8 pm.
  9. Extra room if needed would be provided as per availability which is on chargeable basis of Rs.3000/- per day.
  10. If there is any special requirement or creativity to be added, the client has to inform prior so the management team gets enough time to create the theme with the available props. Management will check if the new theme/ props can be made available in the given time.
  11. The client can use only one set at a time irrespective of models or couples.
  12. No alterations, decorations or additions to the studio are permitted without the written consent of management.
  13. Client has to inform Utopia Studios in advance if there will be any additional elements like animals, cars, bikes, etc for shooting from client’s side.
  14. Visitors are not allowed to visit Utopia Studio in any case.
  15. Shoot would be allowed to start at the shoot date only after the completion of entire payment.
  16. 2 maximum guests and 6 maximum photographers & Make-up artists are allowed with the clients per shoot. Guests won’t be allowed to click any photographs in the premises. Mobile photography is not permitted either for clients or guests. If no. of photographers is more, clients will have to reduce the no. of guests accordingly.
  17. Utopia Studios reserves all the rights to use photos and videos shot at our premises to use it for their promotional and marketing purpose without any formal written permission from the client or the photographer once released.
  18. The customer shall follow security guidelines by the on-field management team.
  19. Consumption of Alcohol, chewing of tobacco and gutka in our premises is strictly prohibited.
  20. The customer hiring the studio is responsible for all breakage, loss or damage caused to the studio or equipment by him/her or his/her guest and accompanying person (photographer, cinematographer etc.) during the usage of the studio.
  21. In case more than 1 shoot is happening at the studio, it is advised that clients don’t disturb each other and amicably give each other enough time on each set.
  22. The management reserves its rights to allot different sets and/or locations to different customers.
  23. The management reserves its rights to vary, alter, amend and impose new rules, regulations and policy decisions from time to time, keeping in view the rules, regulations, ordinances, notifications and statutes of the Central, State or Local Governments and such amended rules shall be binding on the customer and his/her guest as if they form part of this rules.
  24. All third-party payments for services i.e. food, accommodation, make-up artists, stylists, equipment rentals, horse services, bike rentals, car rentals, etc. shall be paid in advance directly to the third parties.
  25. The client must ensure that all persons under the age of 18 have parents’ or guardian’s permission and supervision to be at the studio, for the purposes of the photography or filming, during the period of studio hire.
  26. Any parking at the campus is at the user’s own risk and Utopia Studios accepts no responsibility for theft, damage or any other loss occasioned to vehicles parked on its premises.
  27. Clients will have to take special precaution while shooting at the lake. Utopia Studios does not undertake any responsibility for any accident, mishap or casualty during such shooting.
  28. All disputes or claims related to the booking and arising therefrom shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts at Nashik only.