About Us

Some moments are truly special. Like the moment when you ask her and she says yes. How much more special could those moments become if they came at a place that was nothing short of a dream? And you also had a crew who could fuss over every little thing- a stylist, a make-up artist, and the camera crew who are trained to capture those lovely moments? Sounds tempting? 🙂
We are over the moon to announce the opening of Utopia Studios, an open air private space located in Igatpuri Hill Station that brings the magic and romance of some of the most popular locations around the world. Think of streets of London. The waterways of Venice. The Burano islands in Italy. You will find all these and more to capture your perfect moments. We are rapidly expanding the range of our themes to ensure you find a place that is tucked somewhere on your bucket list!
Our studios are a perfect spot for pre-wedding shoots (even romantic proposals!), shooting TV shows, ad films, albums, recording a dance routine for your youtube channel, maternity shoots, baby shoots and so much more! Possibilities are endless, just like your dreams. 🙂
The best bit is that you can reach us with just a short drive from Mumbai, Nasik, and Pune.